Be your own Cheerleader!

You have your To-Do lists.  But have you tried a Ta-Da! list?

Our mini retreat first question prompt was to write a Ta-Da! list.  Any item involving fun, family, personal life, work life, past, present or some other category was fair game for the Ta-Da! list.  Anything sparking genuine pride belongs on this first list.

After writing our general Ta-Da! lists we shared with the group one by one and tried to find broad categories of where our Ta-Da! moments landed and what they looked like. 

The Ta-Da! list I did for myself in preparation for the mini-retreat had items that were all specifically about art projects I had tackled.  When I looked over the list what came to me was that I was competent at completing art tasks.  I had wondered what qualifications I had to run Women’s Mini Retreats.  I wasn’t an award winning author, or well known speaker.  I have all these role models that I wanted to emulate, but couldn’t touch.  Looking at my Ta-Da! list I realized I wasn’t going to win an award in any of the different art areas that I tried.  But I was a fearless trier of art projects.  I got things done!  Similar to John Goddard. (Take a minute to look him up, he’s kind of a brilliant self-promoter and yes, comes across as a little bit of an a-hole.)

At the retreat, the most surprising discovery from one of the lists was that someone who had achieved a lot of specific goals was most proud of the moments when she acted on her intuition and risked greatly.

From my retreat list I came up against a block of mine.  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to not be arrogant or self-righteous (because I’ve spent a lot of time being arrogant and self-righteous).  So some of the things on my list felt like I was climbing on a high horse and looking down on others.  One of those things was learning a little bit of the language of the places that I have travel to.  Not everyone does this.  The time I went to Turkey I learned several phrases, and it was the hardest language for me to wrap my tongue and ears around.  Simple words I had to listen to up to thirty times to try and commit it to tongue and memory.  Everyone in Turkey we met spoke English, but using the few phrases we knew was the way my husband and I showed our interest and gratitude to our host country.  So I’ve been sitting with that idea of patting myself on the back without putting others down.  It can be done!

The second question prompt was to pick a goal and then write a Ta-Da! list for that goal.  Similar to a resume, this list was all the things and proud points that recommended you for completing this goal.

My goal of buying a house seemed to me like something hard and far off.  After writing and reviewing my Ta-Da! list I felt like it wasn’t just possible, but inevitable.  It even showed me the path of how it was likely to happen.  It’s so much clearer in my mind that I can attain this goal, because of all the items on my Ta-Da! resume


Write a Ta-Da! list

Write another one.  You have done amazing things!

Write down a goal.  Write a Ta-Da! list resume – all the great things from your past that show you can accomplish this goal.

Be proud of yourself! You can do this. You have done so much already!


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